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Hunter Douglas Skyline® Panel Track Blinds at Phillips Paint & Decorating Center near Lancaster, PA

Window Treatments for Patio Doors

Adding window treatments to your patio sliding glass doors can dramatically transform the look and feel of your home. This simple change enhances your home’s aesthetics, guards your home from prying eyes, improves insulation, and enables you to adjust natural light as necessary without sacrificing the view. Philips Paint and Decorating Center can help you find the right window treatments for your needs, style, and home.

Window Treatments for Patio Doors

You can adapt almost any Hunter Douglas window treatment for patio and sliding glass doors, but some are more effective than others. Consider the things you like most and least about your patio doors to determine which window treatments are best for you. If you love a lot of light, you’ll want different window treatments than if your main concern is saving energy or not letting the back neighbors see into your house.

Duette® Cellular Shades for Sliding Glass Doors and Patio Doors

Hunter Douglas Duette® Cellular Shades have honeycomb cells formulated to improve your home’s energy efficiency. The honeycomb cells fill with air and create a layer of insulation that keeps conditioned air right where you want it. This lowers your energy bill and keeps your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

They also are available as vertical shades, which makes it easy to open and close your doors. Consider them if:

  • Your sliding glass doors or patio doors are cold in winter
  • You want to maintain your view of the outdoors
  • You want to be able to darken your windows completely
  • You want a wide fabric selection that can complement your existing interior design.
Hunter Douglas Duette Cellular® Shades at Phillips Paint & Decorating Center near Lancaster, PA

Vertical Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors and Patio Doors

Vertical blinds are possibly the most common window treatment for sliding glass doors and patio doors. That’s because they’re so effective, making it easy to open and close your doors. They also look incredible on wide and large windows.

These could be a good fit for your home if you love your view and have a contemporary style. Hunter Douglas has several options that all offer unique styles and features. Consider:

Hunter Douglas Skyline® Panel Track Blinds at Phillips Paint & Decorating Center near Lancaster, PA
  • Skyline® Panel: Track Blinds are ideal for large windows and patio doors. The panels stack to one side so you keep your view, and they come in over 450 colors.
  • Cadence® Soft Vertical Blinds give the appearance of drapery folds with their soft, gently curving vanes. You can choose from multiple color panels in vinyl or fabric.
  • Somner® Vertical Blinds are available in aluminum, vinyl, or fabric. They’re available in more than 170 combinations of colors and fabrics.
  • Vertical Solutions® Vertical Blinds are ideal for the minimalist in you. They come in 40 colors and have minimal design, so they don’t take away from the rest of the room.

Luminette® Sheer Panels for Patio Doors

Luminette® Sheer Panels are somewhere between vertical blinds and drapes. Made from sheer fabric, these sheer shades allow a lot of light, but you can adjust them for privacy. You can choose from 80 different colors of fabric. They create a distinctive soft glow of light. They slide from left to right, so they’re wonderful shades for sliding glass doors if you like light and a view.

Hunter Douglas Luminette® Sheer Panels at Phillips Paint & Decorating Center near Lancaster, PA

Provenance® Woven Wood Shades for Sliding Glass Doors and Patio Doors

Hunter Douglas Provenance® Woven Wood Shades at Phillips Paint & Decorating Center near Lancaster, PA

Vertical Drapery Provenance® Woven Wood Shades are woven from grasses and woods in beautiful and artistic ways. Each handwoven fabric is different from all the others, and it comes in a wide array of natural colors. If you’re all about nature or sustainability, these could be the best window treatments for your patio doors. The shades can easily enhance your existing décor, and they’re able to stand up to the elements, so they won’t easily warp or discolor.

Shutters for Patio Doors

Shutters are ideal for a modern farmhouse style, a classic style, or a beachy vibe. They can easily let in light but also allow you to keep your privacy. If you love the classic look of shutters for patio doors, Phillips Paint and Decorating Center has three options from Hunter Douglas for you to choose from.

  • Heritance® Wood Shutters are available in 20 different colors. The shutters are made from hardwood that comes from sustainably managed forests.
  • NewStyle® Composite Shutters look like wood, but they’re made from more durable materials. You can choose from 8 different colors.
  • Palm Beach™ Polysatin™ Vinyl shutters are the sturdiest of the bunch. They’re water-resistant and resist fading and warping. They’re available in 3 colors.
Hunter Douglas Heritance® Hardwood Shutters at Phillips Paint & Decorating Center near Lancaster, PA

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