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Fabulous Fabric Curtains & Draperies – See the Selection at our Lancaster Showroom

Eye-Catching Soft Fabric Window Treatments

Custom drapes, curtains, drapery, cornices, and valances can complete your windows, tying your whole home’s décor together. We carry a truly massive selection, so you can choose from hundreds of colors and designs to find something that matches your style. Phillips Paint & Decorating Center in Lancaster, PA, has thousands of fabrics that give you the opportunity to explore and add the perfect finishing touch to your home’s design.

At Phillips Paint & Decorating Center, we have 30 years of experience providing Lancaster County and the surrounding area with expert help for windows. As the top choice in Lancaster County for window treatments, it’s our business to create beautiful, high-quality soft fabric window treatments and window top treatments that look fabulous in your home and stand the test of time.

Custom Drapes, Curtains, Drapery, Cornices, and Valances in Your Home

We design custom drapes, curtains, drapery, cornices, and valances for your home’s unique windows. Right from the start, our professional staff will work with you or an interior designer of your choosing to ensure every aspect of your custom drapes meets your needs.

When you arrive, you can look through our gallery for ideas. You can even bring a picture of the rooms in your home where the custom drapes will hang, window measurements, and any ideas you already know you like to help get the process started. But even If you are starting completely from square one,  we’ll still be able to help you find something just right for you.

Several different kinds of drapery fabric hanging side by side

One aspect of custom drapes, curtains, drapery, cornices, and valances is they fit your windows precisely. If you bring in measurements, we’ll use that as a starting point to give you an estimate. We will also visit your home and take precise measurements, that way, your new window treatments will fit like a glove.

Choosing Fabrics for Custom Drapes, Curtains, and Drapery

Long, flowing drapes installed in a modern home

Once we have your measurements, you can select fabrics for your custom drapes, curtains, or drapery. The soft fabric in window treatments insulates your home, keeping hot air where you want it – inside in winter and outside in the summer. They also reduce sound coming in from outside your home, helping you get more time of peace and quiet.

Pour through our sample fabric swatches to find something you like or present your existing ideas. With a library of fabrics in thousands of colors, patterns, and styles, there’s something for every home.

Should You Choose Custom Drapes or Curtains?

Most people assume that drapery and curtains are the same. These soft fabric window treatments have several distinct differences.

Drapes, or drapery, use thicker, heavy fabrics, like velvet and satin. 

  • Drapery usually has a liner made from a lighter cloth, which adds insulation, blocks sound and reduces glare.
  • The more decadent fabrics also give the room a more formal appearance.
  • Usually, drapes go all the way to the floor.

Curtains usually use sheer fabrics, like cotton or polyester.

  • Light and airy, they give a room a brighter, less formal appearance.
  • Typically, they go down to the windowsill or a little below it.
  • They’re ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.

Custom Valances and Cornices: Window Top Treatments

To finish your custom drapes, you’ll want to select custom window top treatments. Valances and cornices add shade while simultaneously framing your windows. They can also make your windows look higher by drawing your gaze upward. Even though they both serve the same purpose, they don’t look alike, and each offers a different aesthetic.

Cornices are usually wood window top treatments, but some are made from fabric. They are elegant, available in multiple styles, as well as your choice of stain.

Your custom valance will create an eye-catching and modern finish. They:

  • Have a wooden top board covered in fabric on the front and sides.
  • Can include solid-colored fabrics or fabrics with patterns in geometric shapes.

Putting Your Custom Drapes Together

Once you select your custom drapes, curtains, drapery, cornices, and valances, your custom piece will be available in as little as five or six weeks. You can install them yourself, or our staff can do the professional installation on your behalf.

When you have everything installed in your home, we want you to live with it and enjoy it. If, after 21 days, you’re not satisfied with the look and feel of your custom window treatments, get in touch with us, and we will replace it with something of equal value. This is our Right Choice Promise!

Get Custom Soft Fabric Window Treatments Today

At Phillips Paint & Decorating Center, you can search through thousands of fabrics to find the ones you like most for your draperies or curtains. Whether you’re looking for patterns, solids, or geometric shapes, we can help you find the right combinations for your home. We have everything you need to create custom drapes, curtains, drapery, cornices, and valances for your home. 

Our friendly staff is always ready to answer any design questions that arise. Visit our showroom or contact us so we can help you get started. Find us in the Wood’s Edge Plaza at 136 South Centerville Road in Lancaster, PA, or call (717) 397-1616. We proudly serve all of Lancaster County, Burks County, Chester County, Lebanon County, York County, PA, and the surrounding areas. Let us transform your home with custom draperies today!

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