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Window Shades & Shadings – See Hundreds of Designs in our Lancaster, PA Showroom!

Window Shades & Shadings

Shades are a versatile and attractive way to dress your windows. You can use window shades to make a decorative statement or allow them to accent the background of a room subtly. Phillips Paint & Decorating Center carries premium quality Hunter Douglas shades to outfit any window in your home. 

Be sure to visit our showroom, located just off route 30 in Lancaster, PA to see hundreds of designs, patterns and textures on display and talk with our knowledgeable staff to find the perfect window shades and shadings for every room in your home!

Honeycomb Shades

Duette® Cellular Shades provide exquisite light diffusion and increase your home’s energy efficiency with their unique cellular construction. The interior honeycomb design traps air to prevent it from entering or leaving your home to maintain a more comfortable temperature. The cells also help to reduce exterior noise by as much as 70% to give you a more tranquil environment.

More than 150 fabric and color choices give you the flexibility to match any interior decor or create stylish contrast. Choose from three cellular pleat sizes to perfectly complement windows of all sizes. The LightLock™ system allows you to turn any cellular shade into blackout shades. Patent-pending black side channels absorb and deflect nearly all incoming light.

Duette® Cellular Shades, window shades, Roman shades, roller shades, blackout shades near Lancaster, Pennsylvania (PA)

Roller & Solar Shades

Designer Solar Shades, window shades, Roman shades, roller shades, blackout shades near Lancaster, Pennsylvania (PA)

Fans of clean, minimalist design love roller shades for their straightforward design and ease of use. Designer Roller Shades are available in more than 300 color and fabric options and feature precision engineering for smooth operation every time. Various opacities, from sheer to opaque, allow you to control the amount of light and privacy in any room.

Do you want more freedom to enjoy natural light and privacy? Consider the Duolite® system. This innovative feature allows for a sheer shade and an opaque liner on the same roller for the most control over light and privacy.

Solar shades operate similarly to roller shades but offer different functionality. You can rely on Designer Solar Shades to reduce glare and harmful UV rays before they can damage your home’s interior. Five opacity choices give you control over your privacy and view-through.

The Dual Roller design allows you to choose any two solar shade fabrics to house on the same roller, including exclusive Greenscreen® Sea-Tex™ material.

Roman Shades

Roman shades are aptly named for the time in history when they rose to popularity. How does a style of window shades remain in style for so long? Classic good looks, versatility, and a user-friendly design.

Luxurious fabrics are available in full or flat fold styles without exposed rear cords to provide an uncluttered aesthetic. Sheer and light filtering opacities are ideal for rooms used during the daytime, like kitchens and living rooms.

Hunter Douglas, Roman shades, window shades, roller shades, blackout shades near Lancaster, Pennsylvania (PA)

If Roman shades fit the appearance of your bedroom, we suggest a room darkening opacity to achieve the functionality of blackout shades. Rolling and stacking styles are available to accommodate any mounting depth and preference. Mount your Roman shades inside the window frame for minimal light gaps and excellent sound absorption.

Sheers & Shadings

Hunter Douglas, Sheer shades, window shades, Roman shades, roller shades, blackout shades near Lancaster, Pennsylvania (PA)

Are you in need of shades that enhance light, have great view-through, and deliver ample privacy? We’re pleased to introduce you to Sheer Shades from Hunter Douglas. Tilt the adjustable fabric vanes of these shades to achieve your ideal level of privacy and natural light.

Several fabrics and vane sizes are available to provide a perfect complement to every style, from traditional to contemporary. Another benefit of sheer shades is their UV protection; your home’s interior will be protected from up to 99% of damaging rays from the sun. You’ll never need to worry about your furniture or floor coverings being faded or discolored.

Woven Wood Shades

Woven wood shades are a fantastic way to add texture and organic touch to a room. Handcrafted from bamboo, grasses, and reeds, these shades are not only unique but also an eco-conscious decision. The woven shades’ varied weaves provide beautiful light diffusion and protection from UV rays.

They perform great as a standalone window treatment, but you can add an opaque liner for blackout capability. Opt for the top-down/bottom-up design in rooms where natural light and privacy are equally important, like bathrooms. These shades are alluring in their natural state, but you can elevate their style with a custom valence or edge banding.

Woven wood shades, window shades, Roman shades, roller shades, blackout shades near Lancaster, Pennsylvania (PA)

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Designer Banded Shades

Designer Banded Shades combine alternating sheer and solid bands in a single shade. Shift the solid bands to overlap, and you ensure privacy. Align the solid bands, and you get natural, diffused light. With each adjustment, you create your precise level of sun and privacy. And, of course, the shades completely raise or lower via your choice of innovative operating system.

Sonnette® Cellular Roller Shades

Sonnette® Cellular Roller Shades combine the dimensional, energy-efficient construction of a cellular shade with the clean lines and simplicity of a roller shade. The innovative curved shape gently diffuses light, providing ambiance and character to all angles of your room. Cordless construction means that Sonnette shades are safer for homes with young children and pets.

Vignette® Modern Roman Shades

Sleek and sophisticated, Vignette® Modern Roman shades consistently present a clean, neat appearance. Beautifully designed front and back without gathers, cords or grommets, the soft overlapping fabric folds give them their distinctively elegant styling. Combining the classic look of a custom drapery with the ease and convenience of a shade, these shades are concealed inside a fabric-covered headrail for a completely uncluttered look when raised.

Duette® Honeycomb Shades

The popular brand that originated the honeycomb shade category, Hunter Douglas’ Duette® honeycomb shades come in sheer, semi-sheer, semi-opaque and opaque fabrics to give you a choice in light control. Distinguished by a crisp, clean style, the honeycomb construction of these soft, yet durable Duette shades-available in single, double and triple honeycombs-make them highly energy efficient.

Designer Screen Shades

Designer Screen shades are a combination of beauty and functional technology protecting valuable furnishings from harmful UV rays indoors. Offered in both Roman and Roller shade styles, with a multitude of options and an opacity range from very sheer to semi-sheer. The new Greenscape fabric is PVC-free and recyclable, offering both a stylish and sensible solution to protect our environment.

Designer Roller Shades

Designer Roller Shades offer a diverse range of custom fabrics grouped into three distinct categories: Traditional, Natural and Soft. Traditional fabrics are timeless, while Natural fabrics have the look of grass cloth, and other elements typically found in woven woods. Soft fabrics offer elegant texture and luxurious colors. Available in a variety of lifting systems and design options, Designer Roller Shades will bring a refreshing and sophisticated look to your home.

Applause® Honeycomb Shades

Applause® Honeycomb window shades come in two opacity options and colors ranging from subtle earth hues to dramatic jewel tones. Constructed from our patented energy efficient honeycomb design, which traps air to insulate your interior from the heat and cold, these shades are available in single or double honeycomb designs.

Pirouette® Window Shadings

Pirouette® window shadings combine the personality of a classic fabric shade with the ability to control light in an entirely new way. Textured fabric in a palette of delightful colors transforms from contoured folds to opened vanes, allowing a softened outside view through the sheer backing. The revolutionary Invisi-Lift system allows the horizontal fabric vanes to float gracefully in the window, while providing precise control of the light in your life.

Silhouette® Window Shadings

For over 25 years, Silhouette® Window Shadings have been the leader in light diffusion with specially crafted fabrics that transform harsh sunlight into beautiful ambient light. With no cords or tapes, the sheer facings allow you to view through the vanes to the outside, while maintaining a discreet level of privacy. Simply tilt the vanes to achieve your desired level of light and privacy. Silhouette shadings diffuse strong incoming light and create a soft glow in your home.

Luminette® Privacy Sheers

Luminette® Privacy Sheers from Hunter Douglas marry the beauty of sheers with the privacy of soft draperies. Featuring translucent fabric facings and soft fabric vanes that rotate for infinite degrees of light control and privacy, these custom window sheers are especially suited for entire walls of windows or French doors. Available with your choice of light filtering or room dimming louvers, you’ll have no trouble finding just the right fabric for your room.

Skyline™ Gliding Window Panels

From contemporary to traditional, Skyline Gliding Window Panels set a new standard in modern window fashions providing a sophisticated look to match today’s urban design influence. Skyline window panels feature a wide range of fashion forward fabrics, offered in five distinctive categories, a patented innovative hardware system and custom colored hardware designed to coordinate with each fabric in the collection.

Nantucket™ Window Shadings

Nantucket window shadings suspend fabric vanes between two sheer fabric facings that block harmful ultraviolet rays and transform the light entering the room into a warm glow. Nantucket shadings feature a selection of five casual fabrics. Whether the vanes are tilted open, closed, or anywhere in between, you can invite in as much sunlight as you wish. When raised, these shadings completely disappear into the headrail for an unobstructed view.

Alustra Architectural Shades

Sophisticated fabrics paired with a unique design. A modern spin on a traditional roller shade. They have a clean look with no exposed rear cords or stacking fabric. Exclusive hardware and finishes in sleek, metallic colors.

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