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Great Window Treatment Ideas for Patio Doors

Ideas for Patio Doors

We hear it from our customers almost everyday, “I need something for my patio door and I don’t like vertical blinds”.

Finding window treatments for patio doors can be challenging, but we’ve got some great ideas.

First the basics. If you have a sliding door, a window covering really can’t be attached to the door, since it needs to be able to slide open. For this reason we normally wall mount your blinds or shadings so that they will hang in front of your sliding door.

But if you have a hinged door, then we have the option of attaching directly onto the door. This is convenient because you will be able to open and close the door without opening the blind or shade first. However, after a blind or shade is attached, the door may not open quite as wide as it did before. If this is a concern, you may consider a wall mounted item as you would for a sliding door. We can help you make this decision. Just visit our Lancaster showroom to talk with our expert associates!

Visit our Lancaster showroom, convenient to York and Lancaster, PA to see all our Window Treatment Ideas for Patio Doors on display! Our experts will walk you through all the great features and help you choose the best blinds for any room in the house!
Plantation Shutters
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Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters for doors? Absolutely!

For sliding doors bi-pass shutters work great. They slide side-to-side from an overhead track. This is a very convenient way to cover even high traffic sliders. When you need to use the door – just slide the shutter panel out of the way!

Another method for installing plantation shutters onto sliding doors is the bi-fold track. Instead of sliding, these panels fold out of the way, similar to bi-fold closet doors.

For hinged doors, we can attach the shutter panels directly to the door. And don’t worry about the door handle – we can make a custom cutout for it.

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Like the idea of the energy efficient honeycomb shades but think they won’t work on sliding doors? Think again.

Hunter Douglas has created the Vertiglide. It uses their most popular honeycomb fabrics and operates on a sliding track. You can easily open and close it with one finger.

In addition, there are no cords, chains, or wands to get in the way of children, making Vertiglide the perfect choice for enhanced safety at the window.

Luminette Privacy Sheers

Luminette® Privacy Sheers

Luminettes have been one of our most popular choices for patio doors for many years. They combine a soft, sheer fabric with a rotating privacy louver. You have all of the beauty of drapery sheers along with the convenience of blinds.

For the ultimate in convenience, upgrade your Luminettes with the Power Glide® remote control feature. You can open or close the sheers and rotate the vanes from the comfort of your chair!

Provenance® Woven Wood Vertical Drapery

Made from natural woods, reeds, bamboo and grasses – Provenance Woven Wood Vertical Draperies add a warm, rich dimension to any room. Operate easily from side to side on patio doors or larger windows and coordinate beautifully with traditional shades for regular sized windows.

Cadence Soft Verticals

Cadence® Soft Verticals

Even with all of the improvements in vertical blinds, some customers still wanted more. How about combining the easy care and durability of PVC verticals with the soft flowing look of draperies? Hunter Douglas did it with Cadence® Soft Verticals.

The unique shape of each louver gives the product a more delicate look without sacrificing durability. The matching two-tier valance completes the look.

Skyline Gliding

Skyline® Gliding Window Panels

Similar to vertical blinds but with an updated, contemporary look, Skyline® Gliding Window Panels are a unique choice for sliding doors and larger windows.

Skyline® window panels feature a wide range of fashion forward fabrics, offered in five distinctive categories, a patented innovative hardware system and custom colored hardware designed to coordinate with each fabric in the collection.

top down bottom up

Top Down / Bottom Up Shades

Light control, privacy, energy efficiency, beauty – it’s easy to see why top down / bottom up honeycomb shades are chosen for hinged doors by so many customers.

We have light filtering and room darkening fabrics in just about any color. Plus they can be used in windows for a completely coordinated room.

Roman Shades / Woven Wood Shades

Since we can make Roman shades from almost any of our thousands of drapery fabrics, the decorating options are almost limitless. Choose from solids, stripes or prints in any color you can imagine.

Plus Roman shades are almost like two treatments in one. When lowered, they provide the privacy and light control of a shade. When raised, they take on the appearance of valances.

We could make shades for your doors, matching valances for your windows, and how about a couple of matching pillows for your sofa?

Woven wood shades are made from natural woods, grasses, and reeds. You can give your doors and windows a tropical flavor.

Most of these shades are also available with our popular top down / bottom up feature!

Vertical Blinds

No, they’re not new – but there are many new choices. In talking with customers who expressed a dislike for verticals, most hadn’t seen the newer styles – they were only familiar with the plain, smooth, cream colored louvers that they had seen at the shore or their dentist’s office.

There’s a vertical blind PVC louver choice for most every decor and they’re very practical – if they get dirty you can simply wipe them clean with a damp cloth!

And we still have fabric vertical blinds too. The colors have been updated to blend with today’s trends and there are weaves and textures to suit a variety of tastes. Most will give complete privacy while allowing soft filtered light to enter the room.

Easy to clean, energy efficient PVC louvers are available in hundreds of colors, patterns, and textures. Most will completely block the sun when closed.

Explore Your Options In Person

While we’ve provided some great options for patio doors, the best way to choose window treatments for your patio doors is to visit our showroom and see our store displays. Our showroom is located just off of route 30 in Lancaster, PA and is convenient to both Lancaster and York, PA.


A note about installation… It must be done correctly. Obviously doors are an expensive item so you want to be sure of what you are doing before you start drilling holes. We can coach you through it or better yet, let our experts do it for you. Just contact us for details!

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