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Wood Blinds – Shop Our Lancaster, PA Store!

Do you want to add warmth and classic style to your home’s windows? Natural hardwood blinds offer an enduring allure that other materials cannot match. Faux wood blinds present the same quality construction but are more durable for those high-activity areas of the home. At Phillips Paint & Decorating Center, we’re all about wood and faux wood blinds and want to share our reasons for why each of them could be the perfect match for your interior design.

Benefits of Wooden Blinds

Custom window blinds are an investment. Naturally, you want that investment to be in a premium product, and our offering of wood blinds will not disappoint. Parkland® Wood Blinds from Hunter Douglas are the industry standard for style and quality.

Stain finished Parkland® Wood Blinds centered in a well appointed dining room with wood doors.

Durable & Versatile

All window blinds are incredibly versatile, but hardwood blinds for windows add exceptional durability to the perks of ownership. Unlike flimsy blinds from other retailers, Hunter Douglas manufactures their custom blinds from 100% basswood or poplar hardwood, harvested from sustainably managed forests. These blinds will last for decades with proper care and minimal upkeep. Your blinds will maintain their luster with only a weekly dry cleaning, and an occasional application of wood oil.

You’ll also enjoy great variable light control and view-through with your Parkland® Wood Blinds. Many other window treatments provide excellent light control but very little flexibility when it comes to incoming light. These window coverings are either open or closed. Blinds allow you to choose exactly how much natural light and privacy you need at any given time by tilting the slats. You can enjoy a view of your backyard or see who’s in at your front door without having to fully raise your blinds. The slats of wooden blinds for windows are also completely opaque, so you’ll never worry about compromised privacy when you have the slats closed.


Believe it or not, wood blinds are one of the most environmentally friendly choices for covering your windows. Not only does the wood used to manufacture the blinds come from rapidly renewable sources, but they can also often be recycled when you’re through using them. Natural wood is also a great insulator, which can help regulate your home’s temperature, especially during our frigid winters. This extra layer of insulation can reduce your home’s energy usage over time.

Lots of Options

Your hardwood blinds are available in two slat sizes that will perfectly accent any size window in any style decor. Choose your color from several natural stains and solid paint color finishes, or have a custom color created for you. Since wood blinds look amazing in any room of your home, you may want to install some in your bedroom. If that’s the case, consider the de-Light™ feature that eliminates cord hold to reduce light leaks by 50% more than traditional blinds. Add a cornice to decorative tape to give your blinds more personality.

Wood Blinds in Every Shape & Size

What good would custom wooden blinds for windows be if they can’t be used on specialty-sized windows? Parkland® Wood Blinds can adorn angled and bay windows, windows with cranks or handles, and even French doors. You can choose your preferred control system from four available options, including the newly redesigned PowerView® Automation. Cordless and standard cordlock choices are available for manual operation.

Faux Wood Blinds

Solid white EverWood® Faux Wood Blinds in a bedroom with blue walls and white fabrics.

As much as we love informing our customers about wood blinds, there’s a big place in our hearts for faux wood blinds, as well. Since hardwood is a natural material, it’s susceptible to damage from moisture and humidity. EverWood® Faux Wood Blinds offer all the benefits that wood blinds do, but with added Performance Plus™ Protection to prevent warping, peeling, cracking, and fading even in humid spaces like bathrooms.

Faux wood blinds are also an excellent alternative to wood blinds if you’re working within a smaller budget. TruGrain® color is the most realistic stain-like finish in the industry and is available in many hues to complement any existing decor in your home. You can also go with any of a collection of solid paint colors that have been curated to accent today’s high-end furniture and cabinetry styles.

With many of the same perks and closure systems as our wood blinds, you can enjoy the alternative wood blinds in the same way you enjoy the look and feel of hardwood. These blinds can go in every room of your home without you worrying about extra maintenance or damage from the elements.

The Best Wood Blinds in Lancaster, PA

Phillips Paint & Decorating Center is your go-to for the best wood and faux wood blinds in Lancaster, PA. If you’re starting on a larger interior design project, we can help you with other design components, including the perfect paint, wallpaper, and area rugs. Browse our inspiration gallery to get your creative juices flowing before you begin shopping. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. We’re located in Lancaster, PA, and are happy to serve Lancaster, Lebanon, Chester, York, and Burkes Counties, PA.

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