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Got a high foyer window? How about a hard-to-reach window behind your bath tub? Skylight?
No worries – Phillips has a solution with PowerView® Remote Control window fashions.

We have smartphones, smart cars, and smart homes, so why not add smart shades to this list? Motorized blinds and shades create an upscale aesthetic in your space – in a way that only upscale custom window treatments can.

Enhance Your Home’s Assets

PowerView® Automation is one of the most innovative systems available for motorized blinds and shades.

  • Schedule your motorized blinds and shades to open and close at predetermined times. Raise your window treatments with the sun and lower them at night, or effortlessly adjust them to create specific ambiences for dining and entertaining.
  • Increase your home’s energy efficiency and reduce utility costs with motorized window treatments. When the weather is cool, schedule your motorized blinds to open and allow warm sunlight into your home. When the weather is warmer, schedule your blinds to close, blocking out the sun and maintaining your home’s cool interior.
  • Make your home cleaner and safer. Do you enjoy the way dangling cords look? We don’t, either. Not only is the cordless design of automatic blinds and shades more attractive in your home, but it’s safer for your pets and children.
  • Bolster the security of your home while you’re away with the RemoteConnect™ feature. RemoteConnect™ uses an internet connection to operate your automatic shades from anywhere in the world. Giving your house the appearance of being occupied can help deter criminals who seek out empty homes.

There are several control options for the PowerView® Automation system. The PowerView App pairs with your home’s Wi-Fi to allow you to operate your automatic blinds using a mobile device or voice command. For a dedicated device, The Pebble® Remote allows you to control up to six groups of windows, while the Pebble® Scene Controller puts you in charge of your set Scenes throughout your home. You can wall-mount your Pebble® controller via the PowerView® Surface and never misplace your shade remote.

Integrate your motorized window treatments with your other smart home systems with the Pebble Gateway, and easily operate blinds and shades in multiple rooms from one device.

Motorized Options

PowerView® Automation is available on a wide selection of Hunter Douglas window coverings. No matter what your style is or which functions are important to you, you can choose a window treatment that fits your exact specifications. Some of our favorite motorized blinds and shades include:


Automatic blinds offer exceptional variable light control, privacy, and ventilation. Parkland® Wood Blinds, EverWood® Faux Wood Blinds, and Modern Precious Metals® Mini Blinds are all available with PowerView® Automation so you can enjoy the convenience of motorized blinds in every material.

Hunter Douglas Parkland® Wood Blinds, motorized shades, automatic blinds, motorized blinds near Lancaster, Pennsylvania (PA)
Hunter Douglas Silhouette® Sheer Shades, motorized shades, automatic shades, automatic blinds, near Lancaster, Pennsylvania (PA)

Sheer Shades

Sheer shades gently diffuse incoming light to create a warming glow while protecting your home’s interior from harmful UV rays. Enjoy motorization on Silhouette® Sheer Shades, Pirouette® Sheer Shades, and Luminette® Sheer Panels.

Roller Shades

Clean lines and a sleek design make roller shades one of the most versatile window coverings today. Various opacities and hundreds of fabric and color choices make this style of shade a perfect fit for every home. Solar shades are closely related to roller shades but block glare and UV while providing a view of the outdoors. Designer Roller Shades, Designer Solar Shades, and exclusive Design Studio™ Roller Shades can all be equipped with motorization.

Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ Roller Shades, motorized shades, automatic shades, motorized blinds near Lancaster, Pennsylvania (PA)


Palm Beach™ Polysatin™ Vinyl Shutters are the most resilient of Hunter Douglas shutters, engineered for superior strength and durability even in harsh climates. The ingenuity of these shutters continue with motorization: Palm Beach™ Polysatin™ Vinyl Shutters are the only motorized shutters on the market, combining convenience, strength, and style in one window treatment.

Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ Custom Drapes, motorized shades, automatic shades, motorized blinds near Lancaster, Pennsylvania (PA)


Design Studio™ Custom Drapes feature exclusive designs from leading fabric artists. They are thoughtfully designed to be easily coordinated with all your Hunter Douglas window treatments. Choose luxurious velvet or silk for a formal look or use linen panels for a relaxed and casual feel. Hunter Douglas custom drapes can be motorized to open and close with PowerView® Automation.

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Phillips Paint and Decorating Center is your premier resource for custom motorized blinds and shades, paint, wallpaper, and area rugs. Our team believes in responsible business and exceptional service. Visit our showroom in Lancaster, PA or call or contact us today for more information on our motorized blinds and shades. We expertly power the blinds and shades in homes across Lancaster, Lebanon, Chester, York, and Berks Counties, PA.

Pebble Remotes

Features And Benefits

The PowerView® system can be operated via the PowerView® App or via two different types of Pebble® controls-a Pebble® Remote Control or a Pebble® Scene Controller.

The PowerView® Pebble® Remote Control offers a modern alternative to a traditional remote control, allowing you to pre-set and easily operate up to six different groupings of window treatments-either individually or together-with just a press of a button.

The PowerView® Pebble® Scene Controller features an advanced display screen that lets you conveniently preview and select room scenes-different combinations of shades and shade positions-that you previously programmed using the PowerView® App.

Ergonomically designed and beautiful to look at, the PowerView® Pebble® is available in seven stylish colors to enhance any décor.

You can also wall mount a PowerView® Remote or Scene Controller using the PowerView® Surface, available in three on-trend colors.

Available in an incredible range of sophisticated styles, PowerView® Motorization creates a whole new world of beauty and convenience.

Get the Powerview® App

The PowerView® App unlocks the full potential of PowerView® Motorization. Using the App on your smartphone or tablet, you can create and schedule customized room Scenes that allow your shades to operate on their own throughout the day.

Powerview® App & accessories

Set Your Perfect Scene

Start by creating Scenes—different combinations of each shade in the room, adjusted to the exact position you want at different times of the day based on your light, privacy and overall room ambiance preferences.

Shades That Operate On Your Schedule

Use the scheduling feature to set your Scenes to operate independently. You can program any Scene to activate on specific days and times. You can even schedule multiple-room Scenes to activate simultaneously.

Coordinate with Sunrise and Sunset Timing

Link one or more of your Scenes to the ever-changing local sunrise or sunset times—precisely calculated by PowerView® based on its knowledge of your specific location.

Connect from Outside the Home

The RemoteConnect™ feature, along with an internet connection, allows you to operate your shades from anywhere in the world, using your smartphone or tablet.

Designed with Safety In Mind

Along with the added convenience of cordless operation, PowerView® Motorization creates a safer environment for homes with young children and pets.

Rechargeable Battery Power – Easy On Your and the Planet

Most PowerView® motorized window treatments are battery-powered, so they’re incredibly easy to install, operate and maintain. The battery pack is hidden behind the headrail so there’s nothing to mar the beauty of your window treatments.

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