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Wood Exterior Stain

Outdoor living spaces are a wonderful place for families to gather, create memories, and connect. Many of these outdoor spaces include wooden features, such as decks or fences, that can benefit from protection to maintain their functionality and character. At Phillips Paint and Decorating Center, we proudly carry Benjamin Moore Arborcoat®, a superior exterior wood stain that aims to both protect and enhance any wood features in your outdoor living spaces. If you want to protect existing wood or build something from scratch, Arborcoat® will ensure that your project is both durable and captivating.

All About Benjamin Moore Arborcoat®

Benjamin Moore Arborcoat® Exterior Wood Stain is the perfect product to help customers stain their decks, fences, siding, or furniture, to provide unmatched protection and performance. Arborcoat® Exterior Stain is special in that, while protecting your wood, it also works to enhance the wood’s texture and grain, ensuring that your home maintains its character and warmth. Arborcoat® Exterior Stain is available in two main types that customers can choose from: waterborne or classic oil finish.

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Arborcoat® Waterborne Stains

The technology present in the Arborcoat® Waterborne Stains allows it to undoubtedly outperform all competitors. These stains are specially engineered for durability and provide excellent color retention and are also fade- and mildew-resistant. In addition to this, waterborne stains are easy to clean with soap and water. They dry within one to three hours, and have excellent UV protection. Arborcoat® Waterborne Exterior Stain functions due to the waterborne formula that allows acrylic resins to penetrate deeply into the wood’s cellular structure, forming strong bonds that promote adhesion and durability. These stains are an excellent way to protect and enhance any wood feature in your home.

Arborcoat® Classic Oil Finishes

The alternative to waterborne stains, the Benjamin Moore Arborcoat® Classic Oil Finishes, have been specifically developed to protect siding, decking, fences, and outdoor furniture in a wide range of opacities. The oil finishes resist cracking, peeling, and protect any surface from mildew and UV rays while delivering luxurious color that upholds the integrity of your wood’s grain and texture. The classic oil finishes work due to their alkyd finishes, which penetrate deeper into the wood. For even advanced adhesion and stain-blocking properties, you can pair the Arborcoat® Oil Finish Exterior Stains with the Arborcoat® Oil Primer.

Arborcoat® Opacities

In addition to choosing between waterborne and oil finish, customers can also choose their Arborcoat® Exterior Wood Stain product in the finish and opacity they are looking for to achieve the right aesthetic for their project.

  • Translucent. Translucent opacity products provide the same, excellent protection as other Arborcoat® products while allowing the natural beauty of your wood grain, including any prevalent patterns or textures, to show through. Translucent Arborcoat® Stains can be used on all types of wooden deck, siding, and furniture.
  • Semi-Transparent. The Arborcoat® Semi Transparent wood stains provide superior UV protection but allow your wood to maintain its integrity and beautiful grain, texture, and pattern. While semitransparent stain can be used on all types of wooden features, it is ideal for soft woods such as cedar or pine.
  • Semi-Solid. Semi solid exterior wood stains provide the same protection for wood as other opacities while allowing its natural texture to show through and providing slightly more color coverage. Semi solid Arborcoat® stains are available in 75 colors so you can choose the color that is right for your project.
  • Solid. Arborcoat® Solid Exterior Stains are beneficial to homeowners because they are, generally, self-priming and easy to use for touch-ups. Solid stains both protect and enhance your wood, allowing its natural texture to show while resisting peeling or scuffs. There are thousands of colors of solid stains available.
  • Ultra-Flat. The Arborcoat® Ultra Flat Exterior stain is also a solid stain but works diligently to hide imperfections on all wooden exterior surfaces. Ultra-flat stains are suitable for all wood types of wood as well as properly cured stucco, masonry, and manufactured or fiber-cement siding.

While translucent, semitransparent, and semi solid exterior stains are available in both waterborne and oil finish products, solid and ultra-flat opacities are only available in waterborne products.

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Whether you want to protect your new wooden deck or bring a vintage wooden fence back to life, Benjamin Moore Arborcoat® is the perfect exterior wood solution for your needs. addition to Benjamin Moore Arborcoat®, Phillips Paint and Decorating Center also carries much more Benjamin More paint, window treatments, wallpaper, and more. Contact us today to talk to a member of our team about your exterior wood stain needs. Phillips Paint and Decorating Center proudly serves Lancaster, Lebanon, Chester, York, and Burkes Counties, Pennsylvania.

Arborcoat Premium Exterior Stain Products

Enjoy years of captivating color and premium protection with ArborCoat premium exterior stains, perfect for wood siding, wood or composite decking, fencing or even outdoor furniture.

Features & Benefits:

  • Outstanding color retention for years of trouble-free beauty
  • Penetrates deep into wood for maximum protection from the elements
  • Performs better than oil-based stains and lasts longer
  • Environmentally-friendly formula cleans up easily with water

Arborcoat Translucent

Enriches the beauty of wood with a touch of color, allowing the natural grain and texture of the wood to show through.

Arborcoat Semi Transparent

Adds subtle color that beautifies the wood, while allowing most of the grain and texture to show through.

Arborcoat Semi Solid Stain

Covers most imperfections in the wood, while allowing some grain and texture to show through.

Arborcoat Solid Stain

Provides a uniform appearance that hides most imperfections, while allowing a hint of wood texture to show through.

Need help deciding on the right stain color or level of opacity for your siding, deck, fencing or outdoor furniture? Check out our idea gallery for inspiring projects to spark your imagination or visit our Lancaster showroom for to talk with our experts!

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