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Color Selection

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Selecting paint colors for your home can often be an overwhelming process. There are over 3,500 Benjamin Moore paint colors to choose from and choosing between two different off-whites might seem like an impossible task. At Phillips Paint & Decorating Center, we strive to set all our customers up for success. When selecting the next paint colors for your home, here are some things you might want to consider.

Color Psychology

Different tones and hues can have effects on human behavior and mood. When choosing a Benjamin Moore paint color, you want to consider how the shade can affect your mood, state of mind, overall disposition, and how it will affect the look of a room. Here are some of the most common paint color families and what those hues can say about your space and mood.


Reds are always rich, charismatic, and sensual, with hues ranging from the palest pink to the deepest burgundy. You can use darker tones to add depth, richness, and elegance to your rooms or brighter shades to add vitality with an accent wall or striking trim and wainscoting. Reds bring vigor, courage, passion, love, and rage to mind. It is an emotionally driven color that is never boring. Painting walls red has been shown to increase the energy of a room, stimulate conversation, and even increase appetite. Pinks, in particular, create feel-good warm energy that is naturally playful.


Everyone has an opinion on orange, one of the most polarizing paint colors. This is partially because orange can create both energizing and relaxing feelings depending on the shade. Sunsets, tropical birds, and fall leaves are different oranges and create different atmospheres within a room. Brighter oranges will increase energy levels and appetites, while terra cotta, cinnamon, and other earth-toned oranges can create a sophisticated, soothing mood. Oranges pair well with deep navy and are lovely as accents and embellishments.


The yellow hues of Benjamin Moore paint range from soft pastels to deep golds. Yellow tones evoke hoy, happiness, and energy. These paint colors create a welcoming atmosphere, and earthen yellows are an excellent neutral backdrop for rooms with boldly colored fabrics and furnishings. Yellow can increase optimism, making it a wonderful accent color for offices and living rooms.


These Benjamin Moore paint colors take their cues from the natural world. Greens are everywhere, from bright limes to clear emeralds to dark leaves. Greens pair exceptionally well with natural wood tones. Greens are considered restful colors and create an atmosphere of safety and calm. Greens also pair well, and you can create a balanced space using only shades of green.


Benjamin Moore paint is known for rich pigments, especially with the wealth of available blues. Blue is the most popular interior design color in the United States and is considered beneficial to the mind and body. Blue paints invite you to take a breath and relax and can even bring down blood pressure and lower heart rate. The color is associated with healing and wisdom and can make spaces feel naturally cooler.


If you want to add drama to a room, purple Benjamin Moore paint is a perfect choice. Choosing light purples as a neutral can add an exciting spark to any room color scheme. The color is associated with royalty and luxury and has also been shown to stimulate creativity. Purples are also incredibly popular with children. About 75% of kids will choose purple over any other color. This makes purple paint colors an excellent option for children’s bedrooms, playrooms, and classrooms.


Grays run the gamut from cool to warm in a way few other colors can, making them the quintessential natural. Pairing gray Benjamin Moore paint with any saturated color can effortlessly enliven your spaces. Grays can also add air and space to a room.


Beiges, browns, and blacks reflect the beauty of the natural world. These Benjamin Moore paints are inviting and enhance the look of any interior decorating style. Neutrals can have warm or cool undertones and matching that undertone to the other paint colors in your design will create an effortlessly unified color scheme and add visual balance.


No other Benjamin Moore paint color is as versatile as whites. These hues create a sense of space in even the smallest rooms. They also provide the perfect backdrop for any interior decor style and allow you to change the feel of a room by swiping out furniture and decorations. Whites are also a fantastic way to tie together other colors in a room.

Testing Colors Online

Did you know that Benjamin Moore offers several online color services? With their Personal Color Viewer®, you can upload photos of your space or use a template photo from their collection to test any Benjamin Moore color on the walls.

Testing Colors in Person

At Phillips Paint & Decorating Center, we want to ensure that you always get the colors you want. This is why we offer half-pint sample jars of every Benjamin Moore paint color. These small cans allow you to test colors using the “brush out” technique. By applying paint to a small section of walls, you can see how the colors interact with the actual environment in your home. Using our samples, you can test several different paint colors and apply them to separate walls to see the effects of lighting, decor, and other paints on the tones.

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Phillips Paint & Decorating Center is here for all your paint color needs. We carry a vast selection of Benjamin Moore interior and exterior paints, primers, specialty paints, and painting supplies. In addition to painting supplies, Phillips Paint & Decorating Center is your one-stop shop for interior design projects like Hunter Douglas window treatments, wallpaper, and area rugs. The next time you’re looking for fine paint from a local business, visit our showroom in Lancaster to check out our entire product selection and get advice from our expert design team. You can also contact us online with any questions. Phillips Paint & Decorating Center is locally owned and operated, and we proudly serve the following Pennsylvania Counties of Lancaster, York, Chester, Lebanon, and Burks.

You Can Test a Multitude of Colors That Can Help You:

Experiment with several different colors before deciding on a color scheme for a room.

Decide between several shades and tints of a particular color.

Compare how different undertones of a color (vibrant yellow, gray-yellow, green-yellow, etc.) affect the feel of the room.

Determine how a particular color in a room will flow with the colors in adjoining rooms.

Determine how a particular color works with other colors in the room (such as a deeply hued rug).

Experience how a particular color is enhanced by lighting conditions.

You can also paint smaller test swatches on several walls to see how a particular color will look throughout the room.

To order sample paint colors for your next painting project, just visit our Lancaster store location and choose your colors from our Benjamin Moore color chart. Our paint experts will be happy to mix your samples and get you one step closer to your finished room!

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