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Color Selection

Color Selection

One of the best ways to find the right color for any room in your home is to test your colors before you buy. Known as a “brush out” by interior designers and professional painters, applying paint to a small section of your walls can help you see the colors more clearly in the actual environment.

Phillips Paint & Decorating Center has pint sized sample cans available in every Benjamin Moore color. It’s a small can, but you’ll have plenty of paint to try your colors in multiple areas of your home. Choose the right color to test from our Benjamin Moore color chart!

Colour swatches book. Rainbow sample colors catalogue.

You Can Test a Multitude of Colors That Can Help You:

Experiment with several different colors before deciding on a color scheme for a room.

Decide between several shades and tints of a particular color.

Compare how different undertones of a color (vibrant yellow, gray-yellow, green-yellow, etc.) affect the feel of the room.

Determine how a particular color in a room will flow with the colors in adjoining rooms.

Determine how a particular color works with other colors in the room (such as a deeply hued rug).

Experience how a particular color is enhanced by lighting conditions.

You can also paint smaller test swatches on several walls to see how a particular color will look throughout the room.

To order sample paint colors for your next painting project, just visit our Lancaster store location and choose your colors from our Benjamin Moore color chart. Our paint experts will be happy to mix your samples and get you one step closer to your finished room!

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