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Top Benjamin Moore Paints for Natural Tones

Earth tones are a common favorite among many homeowners and for all kinds of good reasons. These soothing colors range from neutral shades of brown, cream, grey, and white to bold shades of blue, green, and yellow. If you’re looking to add some natural tones to your home near Lancaster, Pennsylvania, look no further than high-quality Benjamin Moore Paint from Phillips Paint and Decorating Center. We can work with you to find the colors and natural tones that bring out your home’s uniqueness and individuality. Learn more about how you can use natural and earth-toned Benjamin Moore paint near Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

What Are Natural Paint Tones?

Natural paint colors, like earth notes, are inspired by the hues seen everywhere in nature. Shades of brown and beige are reminiscent of trees, leaves, and rich soil, giving a calming and grounding feeling. Similarly, shades of white, gray, black, and cream remind people of clouds, dark midnight skies, and early mornings. These are just the more neutral colors found in nature, but natural tones go beyond neutrals to incorporate even bolder earth colors. All kinds of Blues are found in nature, as are a variety of greenspinksyellowsreds, and purples.

Top Benjamin Moore Neutral Natural Tones

Neutral colors are calm, soothing colors. They fade into the background in your home, making other colors stand out and providing a smooth and easy transition from one room to another. They are an excellent choice for interior or exterior paints. They can lean towards either warm or cool tones, so it is important to pay attention to the undertones of specific colors.

Remember that the color on your screen doesn’t always match the color in person, so it’s essential to order samples of the colors you’re considering. Here are some of the top Benjamin Moore neutral Natural Tones:

Top Benjamin More Bold Earth Tones

For years, neutrals were the prominent choice for most rooms in a home, but now natural, earth tones that are bolder are slipping in and taking their place. Some of the top Benjamin Moore earth tones are:

Benjamin Moore Regional Colors

Benjamin Moore has assembled an incredible selection of regional colors that are an excellent start to creating a fresh, bold vibe in your home. You can start with colors inspired by your region or any other region you love. Not all of these colors are strictly earthy tones, but many are. Consider some of the following selections of America’s Colors, inspired by the coast-to-coast beauty and richness of the United States:

Contact Us for Benjamin Moore Natural Tones

As you look to fill your home with natural tones, be sure to use the highest quality paint, like Benjamin Moore. The high-quality, long-lasting paint means fewer applications, wider color choices, and only occasional touch-ups. Find your favorite Benjamin Moore Paint near Lancaster, Pennsylvania, at Phillips Paint and Decorating Center. Our friendly staff will work with you to select earth tones that perfectly complement your home. We proudly serve Lancaster County, York County, Chester County, Lebanon County, and Berks County, PA. Contact us today!