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Best Paint for Your Finished Basement

it’s newly finished or updated, you deserve to enjoy spending time in your finished basement. You can absolutely create a lovely, inviting space in your finished basement with the right combination of colors and décor. At Phillips Paint and Decorating Center in Lancaster, PA, we have the tools, the colors, and the paints you need for your finished basement. Let us help you choose the basement paint you need for long-lasting color and protection that’s welcoming and inviting.

Paint for the Basement Floor

Painting basement concrete has become a trend recently, and for good reason. Ideal basement paints are moisture-resistant, easy to clean, and stand up to high traffic. If you’re painting your concrete floor, select paint specifically designed for masonry or concrete. Also, ensure primer is included; this will save you time and frustration because it will stick to the floor better. Without primer or a properly formulated paint, you may find your beautiful new floor breaking down much sooner than you would like.

Epoxy is another option. It’s durable, water-resistant, and softer than bare concrete. It provides along-lasting and durable surface that is perfect for high-traffic rooms, great for if you want to turn your basement into a home gym or activity space.

Whatever you choose, make sure to clean the floor well beforehand!

Then, you can complete the look with an area rug. Area rugs are great, for they:

  • Make the floor more comfortable, especially for bare feet
  • Add grip and prevent slips
  • Add color and style to the finished space
  • Can create a more cohesive look that is carried throughout your home
  • Provide texture and warmth

Paint for the Basement Walls

Select a latex primer with a glossy finish for the walls of your basement. Latex paints are water-resistant, so they’ll hold up better in your basement. The glossy finish serves two purposes. First off, it’s easier to clean. Second, it reflects light, which makes your basement seem bigger and brighter.

Consider your color choices carefully, as well. Lighter colors make the basement look larger, while darker hues make it look smaller but cozier.

Basement Paint Colors to Consider

If you want to brighten a basement with little natural light, you can select from a range of neutrals and lighter colors. A glossy finish will also help reflect light, making your basement seem brighter. Waterproof latex paint dries quickly and has less odor, which is also beneficial when working in a room, like a basement, that doesn’t have the best airflow. Lighter colors make the basement seem bigger, brighter, and more welcoming.

Light brownsshades of whitesoft grayspale blues, and light greens are good color choices for your basement. While white paints are a great choice, other colors tend to add more depth and can make the space more inviting. To choose the best option for your basement:

  • Decide if the basement paint colors will be their color scheme or tie into the rooms upstairs
  • Narrow your selection down to two or three colors or shades within your chosen color scheme
  • Get small sample cans and apply small splotches in different locations around the room to
  • Observe how the light hits them and what you like best.

Add Warmth and Color to Your Finished Basement Today

Paint can go a long way toward making your finished basement more comfortable. At Phillips Paint and Decorating Center, we carry the paints and painting tools you need to brighten and complete your finished basement. Our helpful staff can answer your questions and help you make the best selections for your home. In addition to Benjamin Moore Paints, we carry Hunter Douglas window treatments, wallpaper, and area rugs. We are proud to serve Lancaster County, York County, Chester County, Lebanon County, and Berks County, PA. Contact us today!