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Benefits of Choosing Benjamin Moore Aura® Paint

Benjamin Moore Aura® Paint offers a wide range of benefits compared to competitors’ offerings, and its flexibility means you can select it for interior or exterior projects. You can also use Aura® Bath and Spa to freshen up your bedroom. Phillips Paint and Decorating Center in Lancaster, PA, carries Benjamin Moore paint, including Aura® Bath and Spa, Aura® Interior Paint, and Aura® Exterior paint for easy coverage that’s richer and longer-lasting. Check out these three benefits of using Benjamin Moore Aura® Paint.

Benefit #1: Color Lock Technology

By overhauling their technology, Benjamin Moore discovered certain chemicals kept the paint from retaining its pigment. When they got rid of those, they could create paints that last longer, retain their color better, and stand up to more wear and tear. The Aura® exclusive color lock technology helps keep the paint colors brighter and long-lasting. It locks in the pigments, keeping them the same for years.

The result is that Benjamin Moore Aura® Bath and Spa Interior and Exterior paints are made from a unique resin that extends the durability of this brand of paint. When you choose Aura® for your next paint job:

  • You’ll be able to wash common household stains off of the walls easily
  • You’ll be able to cover the wall in just one or two coats
  • You don’t need to worry that the color will transfer off of the wall and onto other surfaces when you press against it
  • Select from multiple sheens based on where the paint is going
  • You can select from the full range of Benjamin Moore paint colors

Benefit #2: Paint and Primer in One

One of the many hassles of painting for the layperson is that it’s time-consuming. Before you can even begin adding color, you must start by priming the walls. This step is vitally important since it ensures that the color you apply will do so evenly and properly.

But Benjamin Aura® is a paint and primer in one. It’s also designed to have extreme hide and coverage. That means fewer coats, and you get the chosen color right from the beginning.

This high-performance is available even for your Aura® exterior paints. From the first coat, you get the color that you love, and it’s designed to withstand weather conditions so that it will last for years. Exterior paints are fade-resistant and have UV protection, so you know your color selections will look the same in a few years as they do today.

Benefit #3: Perfect for Bathrooms

Benjamin Moore Aura® Bath and Spa is specifically formulated to resist humidity. This makes it perfect for your bathroom or other rooms in your home that are warm and wet. All Aura® paints are mildew-resistant and mold-resistant, so you know you won’t have any surprises.

Benjamin Moore Aura® Bath and Spa is available with a matte finish, which means it has almost no sheen but is very washable.

Contact Us for Benjamin Moore Aura® Paint

Benjamin Moore Aura Paint lets you finish your paint job quickly and enjoy the color longer. Its unmatched color technology and unique proprietary formulas make it ideal for any room inside or outside the house. If you have any questions, the Phillips Paint and Decorating Center staff in Lancaster, PA, will gladly help. We also carry painting tools, Hunter Douglas window treatments, area rugs, and wallpaper. We proudly serve Lancaster County, York County, Chester County, Lebanon County, and Berks County, PA. Contact us today!