Specialty Windows

Not all windows are rectangular in shape. They're not all easy to reach either. But don't worry - Phillips has answers for almost any window.

Arch Windows

These are probably the most common of the specialty windows. Although many homeowners will want to allow them to remain uncovered, this is not often very practical. You may need to control the light, or protect the sun's damaging rays from fading your furniture.

The beautifully fan folded fabric of a Duette® honeycomb shade arch shade can be just want you need to control the sun while coordinating with the other shades in the room.

The EasyView® Arch from Duette® honeycomb shades also provides energy efficiency and light control with the added benefit of being able to raise and lower the shade.

Heritance® Hardwood Shutters also are available in many arched shapes. The louvers can be closed to darken the room or positioned to direct the light as desired.

Bridgeway™ specialty shapes help accentuate and enhance a window's distinctive shape while providing light control, mood control and energy efficiency. Available in 20 popular paint colors, Bridgeway specialty shapes coordinate with Country Woods® wood blinds, Crosswinds® wood vertical blinds, Chalet Woods® wood blinds and the EverWood® Collection of alternative wood blinds.

Arch windows can also be treated with Silhouette® window shadings. When installed in the open position they block approximately 65% of the UV rays - when installed in the closed position they filter out close to 99%.

Commonly seen in contemporary homes, angled windows bring up some unique challenges in providing privacy and light control and keeping your home energy efficient. We have several options to enhance these windows such as Palm Beach™ polysatin shutters and Silhouette® window shadings.


Skylights provide rooms with a brighter, more open and airy feeling often not possible with standard windows. However, skylights also have the potential to allow sunlight in that can often overheat your rooms. Our Simplicity™/Skyrise® skylight systems, available on our Duette® and Applause® honeycomb shades, are manual or motorized lifting systems specifically manufactured for rectangular windows and especially suited for skylights.

  • For greater control of overhead sun, these skylight systems bring the light diffusion and energy efficiency benefits of honeycomb shades to skylight openings.
  • Greater light diffusion means you'll experience less glare on television and computer screens.