Bringing Simplicity to Color Selection

The "Michelle Winick Color Collection" is a hand selected palette of colors that has been designed to work with everyday environments.

Hand selected by color consultant and designer Michelle Winick, each color brings unique depth to a room by having just the right balance of pigments. This makes it easy to choose paint colors that work with the various colors in a room such as carpet, furniture, etc.

Each wall color has a coordinating trim and ceiling color combination that gives your room balance. The hand painted color card allows you to see the "true color" before you paint!

Color Collection – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Michelle Winick collection?

The "Michelle Winick Color Collection" is a palette of clean, sophisticated colors. They are all useable colors that work in everyday homes and offices. The collection is divided into 4 color groups: Neutrals, Earthy, Serenity, and Warmth. All wall colors in each group also have coordinating ceiling & trim colors, simplifying the process of choosing all the colors you need to paint the room. The Michelle Winick colors coordinate beautifully with natural stone, marble and other elements from nature.

2. Who is Michelle Winick?

Michelle Winick is a color consultant and designer with extensive knowledge about color and paint. Michelle is a firm believer in considering the ceiling to be the "fifth wall" and how it can bring together all the colors in a room. She routinely works with prestigious, high-end builders to ensure that the best qualities of a home are brought out through the right paint colors.

3. What makes the "Michelle Winick Color Collection" stand out from the rest?

The "Michelle Winick Color Collection" offers a coordinating trim and ceiling combination for every wall color, making the process of choosing color simplified and organized. Also, choosing multiple colors is much easier when more than one room is to be painted. Along with the color combinations, the color chips in the collection are hand painted onto a generous 9" x 11" size. Because these chips are made with the actual paint, it allows the user to see the true color before painting and eliminating the need to apply paint directly to the wall to try out the color.

4. Why use a color on the ceiling and trim instead of just a standard white?

Michelle advises that using a color on the ceiling and trim that is customized to work with a wall color is the best way to keep the flow of a space. A standard white can sometimes look cold next to another color that has warmth or depth to it. Also, it is best to have a ceiling and a trim color that relate to the wall color and work together in harmony.

5. Why purchase a color chip to bring home?

The large 9" x 11" color samples are made from actual paint giving you the most accurate color tool available. Since they are hand painted with the actual paint, you can see the true color on the wall. Also, they eliminate the need to experiment with messy wet paint samples.

6. Why aren't there more colors in the collection?

Choosing from a very large selection of colors can sometimes be overwhelming. These large color displays also tend to have a number of unusable or unpopular colors to sift through. The "Michelle Winick Collection" keeps things simple with colors that were carefully selected during months of detailed research and testing.

7. What brand of paint is used?

All of the colors in the "Michelle Winick Color Collection" are made exclusively in the Muralo Ultra Waterborne Paints. Ultra Waterborne, one of the finest paints on the market, is formulated to provide the most durable, elegant finish.

Developed with micro fine ceramic particles, Ultra Waterborne provides a glass-like barrier to stains and dirt. It has been proven time and time again that no other product can match the qualities in this revolutionary paint.

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8. Can these colors be mixed in other paints?

The colors in the "Michelle Winick Color Collection" were formulated to work exclusively with the Muralo Ultra Waterborne Paints. The only way to get the true color is by using these paints. If another product is used, it is unlikely that the color will be reproduced accurately and the finished job will look different than the hand painted sample.