Benjamin Moore Aura Interior Paint

Quite simply the finest paint we ever made®

See color like you've never seen it before - discernibly truer, richer hues that bring a new dimension of beauty to your home. Experience premium performance in a paint with incredible hide, and fade and color rub-off resistance.

Key Aura Benefits

With Aura paint you get washability in any sheen and color so you can choose the finish you want - Matte, Eggshell, Satin, Semi-Gloss - for whichever room you want.

Richer more enticing color thanks to our proprietary Color Lock technology. Available in the entire Benjamin Moore color palette of over 3,300 brilliant hues.

Fool-proof color coordination with our Affinity Colors palette - 144 harmonious hues that complement one another so coordinating colors is ensured.

Super fast one-hour re-coat time combined with maximum hide means you complete your project in less time. Even the deepest colors never require more than two coats.

Seamless touch-up lets your bring your perfect look back to perfect no matter what life throws at it.

Try Your Color Before You Buy It!

Benjamin Moore Color Samples allow you to test a color before you commit to the time and expense of painting an entire room...
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